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Search weights

Search Weights:

Search weights are a way to tell which portions of your website should be used to rank the search results. Queries will be looked for in the portions of your site having a higher weight first.

Here is the default search ranking. You can drag and drop results and choose which field gets more weightage.

In this screenshot, Title> URL> Metatag description> content (title has more weight than URL which has more weight than metatag description as so on). Results having a search query in the title will be ranked above the ones having the query in the URL and so on.

There are more fields that can be added. Here are some useful fields (you may see more but most are not commonly used).

  1. Title – Title of the page
  2. URL-URL of the page
  3. Metatag description
  4. Content– Content extracted from the page

It is recommended to leave the default settings on.


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