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Search results

Search results refer to the page you are taken to after you enter a search query and press enter or the search button.

It looks like the image below-

ExpertRec provides basic customization features in UI Customization->Look and Feel. If you wish to make finer changes, navigate to UI Customization->Advanced->Search Results.

Here are all the fields that you can control-

  1. Search title styling
  2. Search title styling- highlighting.
  3. Search URL styling.
  4. Search image styling.
  5. Search result text (snippet)
  6. Search results text (highlight)
  7. Search result box.
  8. Search result box- hover (the look and feel of the search results box when you hover).
  9. Search result properties-
    1. Show/ hide URL.
    2. Show search snippet.
    3. Show images.
    4. Show additional info (price, rating, etc – you can turn off pricing/ ratings from appearing in search results)


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