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Data Source

A data source to create a search index can be a crawler-created data source, a URL containing the product feed or a file locally uploaded as a product feed. Expertrec presents three different options to choose from.


This is the simplest way of choosing a data source for the search index. Just add the domain of your website and the crawler will create the search index for you. Make sure your website does not block crawlers.


If there is an URL for the product feed, you can add the URL here. There are various formats supported by Expertrec search.

  1. JSON
  2. CSV
  3. Google product feed (XML)
  4. XML

Recommended file structure

The recommended JSON feed structure is a list of objects, where each object represents one document/product.
Sample JSON structure:
"title": "Enet W8 Smart Watch, Gold",
"msrp": "360",
"brand": "ENET",
"id": "dp-755232",
"category": "Smart Watches & Wearables",
"description": "",
"currency": "AED",
"price": "59",
"availability": "In stock",
"discount": "83% OFF",
"image": "//",
"url": "//"
"title": "Clear Glossy Screen Protector For Lenovo A6600",
"msrp": "39",
"brand": "Brand",
"id": "dp-1294899",
"category": "Screen Protectors",
"description": "",
"currency": "AED",
"price": "5",
"availability": "Out of stock",
"discount": "87% OFF",
"image": "//",
"url": "//"

The above sample contains two products, each object will have a “key” : “value” of all the information of the individual products. We encourage using the title, URL, image link, price, etc as some of the fields with respect to the eCom search solution.

Other acceptable formats are CSV (, tsv), XML, and Google product feed in the form of XML.

Upload File

Another way to add product feed is by uploading a file from your local system directly in the Upload File section. The supported formats are JSON, CSV, XML, and Google product feed(XML).


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