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These are some additional features that help in improving your custom search engine.

  1. Search as you type– Search results appear at every keystroke. If you turn this off, search results will appear only when the search button is pressed or when the  enter button is hit
  2. Show results on the same page– If you enable this, when you click on a search result, the corresponding page will load in the same page instead of in a new page.
  3. Enable voice– Turns off or on the voice search feature.
  4. Recent searches– Shows recent searches in the search UI.
  5. Show Images– Enables or disables images in search results.
  6. Show search dropdown-Enables or disables the search dropdown box.
  7. Disable auto close search drop down- When you click outside the search box, the search UI will not close is this option is enabled.
  8. Use only dropdown- This disables showing results on pressing enter and displays only the dropdown.
  9. Disable hashtags-This is applicable only for the search overlay mode. This removes the #q=keyword for the search URL.
  10. Reload page on Search-This is applicable only for search results on another page mode
  11. Enable Advanced search– Users can search with advanced search operators such as AND, OR, NOT, etc.
  12. Use document filename– The title of documents is replaced with the filename in search results.
  13. Make search conditional-This can be used for testing purposes before taking live. To any URL, add ?expertrec=true to see the search results
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