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A word or phrase that means exactly or nearly the same as another word or phrase in the same language. In the context of Search, a particular Search query A can be associated with another Search query B, and the Search results for query A will now show the Search results of query B and vice versa.

Synonyms can be added by clicking the +Add button. This will display the following input fields and options.

  1. When searched for
  2. Show results for
  3. Vice-versa
  4. Action

Enter a query in the ‘When searched for’ input field. Then enter another query in the ‘Show results for’ input field to associate the query with the previous one.

Check the Vice-versa checkbox if you want the association to be made both ways. This ‘Vice-versa’ option will show the combined Search results for both queries.

Click on the ✔️ icon to save the synonym. The description will explain how the synonyms are associated. To remove an existing synonym, click on the icon.

After adding the synonyms, click on Update to save the changes. Changes may take up to 3 hours to reflect on your store.

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