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Faceted/Filter Search for eCommerce

Facets help customers to search for products under a specific set of categories (Eg: Price range, Brand, Size, Color, Model, etc).

To enable this feature, toggle the Enable Faceted/Filter Search Switch under UI Customization > Faceted/Filter Search section from the Expertrec Control Panel.

Note: The changes will reflect on the store after some time. Meanwhile please use the Quick View button on the top right corner to view the changes.

Sample View and List of Selected Facets/Filter

The Sample View shows how the Facet will be displayed on your online store. This is a static image for reference.

The List of Selected Facets/Filter will contain all the Fields you chose to add to the Facets. The first Grid is the show price slider, which can be enabled/disabled by toggling the switch.

Adding Fields to the Faceted/Filter Search

You can add Fields to your Faceted/Filter Search by clicking the Add Icon under List of Selected Facets/Filter.

The click will trigger a List of Fields dialog that displays all the fields that can be added to the Facet.

Click on a field to add to your Facets. The field will now be added under the List of Selected Facets/Filter as a Grid.

Now you can edit the Facet display value by clicking the Edit Icon. You can remove the field by clicking the Close Icon. By default, the Facet display value is the same as the Field name.

After adding as many fields as required, you can rearrange the order in which you want the fields displayed in the Facet. This is achieved by simply dragging the fields up and down the List of Selected Facets/Filter.

After performing the required changes click the Update button at the bottom of the page. Once the changes are updated you will see the Updated Successfully message as a snack bar on the top right corner.

If you have any trouble with the facets or looking for more customization, please write to us here. Our support team will assist you further.

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