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What is a JS crawl?

JS- Javascript Crawl

Many websites today have dynamic content generated by Javscript. Most search engine crawlers are only able to index html content since indexing JS pages are costly and difficult.

Not all search engines are able to crawl Javascript heavy pages. Expertrec is one of the few search engines that can do a JS crawl. If your website is heavy on Javscript. you can enable this option. If not, you can turn this off. The Javascript crawler takes snapshot of your pages and shows it if in case no image is present in a page, it shows the screenshot of the page as a thumbnail image in the search results.

Also Javascript crawling takes more time. If you want a faster crawl, you can turn this off.

How to know if your website is on Javascript?

Usually JS websites are built on the following frameworks. You can use builtwith.com to know if your site is built on these frameworks.

  • Angular
  • React
  • Embed
  • Backbone
  • Vue
  • Meteor

Take screenshots-

You can turn this off if you do not want to take screenshots of pages to show in search results. Here is a snapshot of search results that have JS crawl screenshots.