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Expertrec Search offers an advanced Natural Language Processing feature that can improve the customer experience. The NLP feature when enabled will make Expertrec Search Engine understand phrases that are commonly used by customers when searching for a product.

A customer search for products with a particular feature, price range, color, texture, etc as a Search phrase. Some common phrases are Red cotton shirts under $20, grey air max size 10, active noise canceling range $200 to $300, restaurants near me, gold chain under 20,000, etc.

This will reduce the intermediate steps of applying filters and scrolling through results to get to the right products the customer is looking for.

The NLP feature design varies depending on how many named entities are to be recognized. In the search phrase ‘Red cotton shirt under $20’, Expertrec Search Engine can recognize <color> <material> <type> <condition> <conditional value>. You can design a search phrase pattern, and contact support for more information on adding the NLP feature to the Search.

Contact support to enable the feature

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