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You can get your expertrec custom search code by going to this link.

There are two options-

  1. Overlay mode
  2. Search results on another page.

Option 1- Overlay mode (Search results on same page).

expertrec custom search code

The first part of the search is the javascript component ( just adding this code will not get the search box on your site) the code between <script> and </script>

The second part <ci-search><ci-search> just adds the search box. Here is a JS fiddle link where you can understand what the code does.

expertrec search box code look and feel

Option 2- Search results on different page.( search results open in a new page).

For example, when you want your search results to come in a different page, enter under search result path /search-results/Enter your desired query parameter- q, (for wordpress usually it is s)

Now click on Apply.

Now you will get a new piece of code.

search results on different page code

The <ci-search-results></ci-search-results> html code have to be added on your search results page for displaying the search results.