Advanced woo search pro free download

Advanced woo search pro free download

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Advanced Woo Search

Advanced Woo Search is a  WordPress ajax search plugin for your WooCommerce store. You can search in the product title, description, excerpt, SKU, tags, categories, attributes, and more custom fields. But only the PRO version supports search in custom taxonomies, custom fields, product attributes and more.

Advanced woo search pro free download

Add search to your website at 9 USD

Advanced woo search pro has most of the good features and the free version lacks in comparison. At $49, the plugin is not exactly cheap either. Since a lot of desirable features are only available in the pro version, this is not the best plugin to use for a relatively small woocommerce website. Having said that, even the bigger players can get a better bang for the buck by going for the alternative mentioned below.

Advanced Woo search pro alternative

As an alternative to advanced woo search, you can try using WP fastest site search. You can find a detailed article on installing it here.

By using this alternative, you will get all the same perks for a much better price. It supports additional features like voice search and has a customizable UI and search ranking algorithm. You can choose to boost products or demote them, add support for synonyms, and much more!

More features:

  • completely customizable UI with an intuitive UI editor that requires no coding
  • customizable ranking algorithm. Decide how the search results are ranked
  • boost or demote products
  • support for synonyms
  • voice search support
  • completely hosted. No extra load on your website and blazing fast.


Furthermore getting to customize Woocommerce search is always a very painful process and in most tools, there is very little support for customization but with the above plugin it is very easy and has a high degree of customizability as well. The customisation includes various things like how woocommerce display search results, the feature to make woocommerce docs search. Dropdown search has almost become a norm on ecommerce sites and not having them would be a disability to your ecommerce store. Luckily there woocommerce product search dropdown available through this search plugin by default and you can add a  woocommerce dropdown search functionality easily. Having the options to take control over your search results can really be usefull in managing your store you also get an option to edit woocommerce search results page with this plugin. Having filters and facets are very important in an eCommerce store this plugin let you add woocommerce faceted search engine. Sometimes the woocommerce product filter doesn’t work and it’s often very complicated to fix this.   

Now you might be wondering how to add woocommerce add search bar. Before we look into that I must say there are several wordpress advanced woocommerce search out there and most them are good. However you might face some issues on woocommerce ajax product filter not working in that case the bay to fix it to find a good plugin that integrated well and delivers a good woocommerce product filter ajax. Woocommerce ajax filter is such a crucial part of the search results page and search can make or break the e-commerce website. One of the common issues that keeps happening is that the woocommerce ajax product filters nulled this can be fixed pretty easily and we have detailed instruction on how to do it. Woocommerce live search filter is another cool search feature that you must check out. Woocommerce has different version and make sure you chose the search which is compatible with your version for example you might be looking for ajax search for woocommerce 3 and you might end up getting one for woocommerce 2. All in all woocommerce live search ajax is a very important feature to have on your woocommerce store along with features like woocommerce ajax product search and woocommerce search with sku. 

Add  Search to your Woocommerce website

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