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[WOO] | WooCommerce Ajax Filter – 2020

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Filter by the specific product your customers are looking for

A powerful WooCommerce plugin: WooCommerce product filter widget, WooCommerce Ajax Filter lets you apply the filters you need to display the correct WooCommerce variations of the products you are looking for.
Choose among color, label, list, and dropdown, and your WooCommerce filtering search will display those specific products that suit perfectly your needs.
An extremely helpful WooCommerce plugin to help customers find what they really want.
All this can be done in a quick and very intuitive way that will certainly help your WooCommerce store improve in quality and usability.

Working demos for Expertrec WooCommerce Ajax Filter are available here:

woocommerce ajax filter

Main Features of Expertrec WooCommerce Ajax Filter:

  • Filter WooCommerce products with Expertrec WooCommerce Ajax Filter widget (4 layouts available)
    • List
    • Dropdown
    • Color
    • Label
  • Reset all applied filters with Expertrec WooCommerce Ajax Reset Filter widget

Premium features of Expertrec WooCommerce Ajax  Filter:

  • Two additional layouts for the Expertrec WooCommerce Ajax Filter widget (BiColor, Tags), in addition to compatibility with the plugin Expertrec WooCommerce Brands
  • Customizable reset button (in the Expertrec WooCommerce Ajax Reset Filter widget)
  • WooCommerce Search filter for products of a specific price range available thanks to the Expertrec WooCommerce Ajax List Price Filter widget
  • Search filter for products on sale/available
  • Ajax sorting for products displayed on the page (by rate, price, popularity, most recent)
  • Upload of an icon as a customized loader
  • Customization of the WooCommerce Price Filter widget

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