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Part 4 of the customizing WooCommerce site tutorial: Building a Custom Search
for WooCommerce Products In this tutorial you will learn how …
Adding a custom WooCommerce product search form is a great way of
enhancing UX. This tutorial helps adding a customized form to the …
customize woocommerce search
It then looks for the product search form in the file 'product-searchform.php' or
uses its default markup. You can override the default WooCommerce template …
Customize WooCommerce product search using some of the expert tips and
tricks. Find useful WooCommerce extensions that will help you in the process.
Smart WooCommerce Search is an Instant Ajax WooCommerce search plugin
that lets your customers search … Smart WooCommerce Search Custom Widget.
Here is a quick method that will allow you to override the WooCommerce default
products search form. Basically, to do this, you have two …
The WooCommerce Product Search field can be added via a widget and also via
a template tag… get_product_search_form(). Another option …
As @arun said in the comments copy the archive-product.php and paste in the to
the woocommerce folder inside your theme (if you don't have …
The template for displaying product search form. *. * This template can be
overridden by copying it to yourtheme/woocommerce/product-searchform.php.
For filtered search of WooCommerce products we can do something similar to the
other … If you want to modify the default WordPress search page, for example, …

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