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utorrent search engines list 2018

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uTorrent is a site that is supposed to index all the active torrents from the different top torrent sites. These top torrent sites can be the Pirate Bay or the Kickasstorrents. uTorrent also helps you to browse through the files within it for downloading various movies, TV episodes, or games. This means that you can browse each torrent site for finding the content you want to watch.


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utorrent search engines list



The Best Search Engine List 2018 on uTorrent


Torrentz is a fast meta-search engine that quickly indexes files from 25 top torrent websites. The most important feature of Torrentz is that it does not host any magnet links or files like other sites such as Pirate Bay. A click on the result will redirect you to that particular site.



Torrents.me use the Google custom search for browsing the torrent file. Moreover, this site has already added a top torrent site in its custom search and gives the results as and when required.


This is a BitTorrent multi-search engine. It has 126 sites available in it and gives the user an option to select the torrent sites as well as the trackers. It has:

  • Non-English Torrent sites
  • Anime Torrent sites
  • Private Torrent sites

XTROX can be a great alternative. It provides a search bar on its page and returns URL’s of other torrent sites


A robust torrent search engine with a mediocre search results page

  • Uses Google custom search
  • Has over 100 sites
  • Updates active sites regularly

The Best Search Engine List 2020 on uTorrent


A lightweight finder for all your torrents, performs well even with slow connections.

  • Lightweight
  • Sort options available
  • Uses more than 400 sites


You are just required to type the main keyword of the file name and click on the Search button.

Internal site search best practices, but have no personal information from them. Categories include “how, when, why, who, where and at what time” (“how quickly”). All of the above are things we’d love to hear about. Be sure to come back later in the year if you need any further insight.

Meta description generator wordpress form. You can also use the URL parameter in any module as you would with any other module. Module options can be set either via .env, env-like namespaces, or options from options.args, .env, or env-like options. Options.env only sets the variables themselves and not options.args.

When planning to create free search engine there are a few things to keep in mind when reviewing search results for the same domain. Firstly, it’s important to make sure the specific search engine you’re reviewing is not being treated as an individual search engine in the same way. Because Google is a social network, it’ll need to be seen and understood as an individual search platform in order to run its own site’s services.

If you have a website, then you might have faced some kind of of drop off from visitors in your website after landing on your website and clicking a few links. This is could more than once be the effect of the visitor not being able to find the right content needed for them. This issue can be solved very simply by making use of a powerful internal site search.

Often this internal site search can be obtained by using the default search bar which is available in various cms but this is often not recommended as it often produces sub-par results and there are much better options than that. One of them is to obtain the script to search website. Doing this will give you a very high degree of customization and you can make a search to meet your needs. 

Just getting any script for search will not do as there are many scripts out there and you must get the one compatible with your website platform. For example if you are using wordpress then PHP search script for a website is recommended.

There is a possiblity that you might not be using something as popular as wordpress, it could be a very specialised platform like laravel. Don’t be worried there is options for something as specific as a laravel full text search.

Building a custom search engine has many uses. For example, we often face the difficulty to find good news sources, this can be solved by a custom search engine which made for only that purpose. his might get you wondering how to build a custom new search engine.

You can do this for pretty much any platform even something as complcated as hybris, there is an advanced search for hybris available.

Once the search engine is built it is now time to add a stylish search box in HTML, this will be the UI available to the site visitors to interact with your search engine.

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