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Machine learning Search Engine

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Machine learning in search engines is no longer the secret of giants like Google and Amazon. With expertrec, you can add machine learning capabilities to your search engine in a matter of minutes. In this article, we will see how to create a machine learning search engine using expertrec’s platform with zero code.


Machine learning in search engines

machine learning search engineRanking

Search engines use machine learning to rank search results that offer the best search experience to users. This is not only a system based on the click-through rate of search results but a variety of other parameters such as conversions.

Query understanding

Search engines run various different classifiers on the search query. E.g. Detecting navigational vs. informational vs. transactional queries. Or news queries vs. local intent queries vs. shopping queries etc.

Spell Correct

Users make spelling errors while typing. While most search engines use edit distance for spell correct, machine learning-based search engines use actual search behavior to suggest correct alternate spellings.

Synonyms / Query expansion

Search engines use synonyms to expand the query keywords and expand the result set.

Page classification

Understanding what types of page it is. E.g. blog vs. news site vs. forum etc.


Crawlers use machine learning to figure out the optimal rate to crawl a particular URL based on its importance, how often it is updated etc.

Related searches

Similar searches are computed based on the user search intent factors. This can help users navigate to the next search query without the need to type again.

Natural language

With the shift from desktop to mobile devices and a lot of voice-based searches, many search engines have to understand different dialects and languages. Machine learning can help in such areas.

Entity detection

Detecting entities, such as people, places, jobs in the page content. 

Category detection

Machine learning can auto-assign a category to a search query based on the user profile as opposed to the same query in all searches. For example, “iPhone” could result in the category being mobiles or cases and covers.

How to create a machine learning search engine.

  1. Go to machine search engine creator.
  2. Enter your website URL. if you have a feed, you can upload that as well in the eCommerce version of the search engine.
  3. Now the full-text search engine will start crawling and indexing your website.
  4. Once the crawling and indexing are complete, you will get a crawl complete message. Now you can copy-paste the code to your website and start using the full-text search engine.

machine learning search engine


Add a Machine Learning custom search results page

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