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Free site search engine – Check your eligibility!

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In this article, we will see how to avail expertrec’s free site search engine for university websites (non-profits, medical institutions, and more).

free site search engine

Here are the criteria to be eligible for expertrec’s free site search engine-

  1. You are willing to display expertrec’s search by expertrec logo.
  2. You are not for profit organization educational institution.

How to avail expertrec’s free site search engine for your educational institution.-

  1. Create your custom search engine from
  2. Copy your search api from your control panel .
  3. Create a support ticket from with subject line – “free site search  request {{your_website_Url}}“.free site search engine
  4. In the email mention details about your educational website and your api key as site search engine
  5. Our team will check your educational website (non-profit details) and make changes to your control panel so that it is made into a free site search engine

Add a Custom search on your site.

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