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Usually, the search engines or web spider work by crawling a webpage, indexing the given data and saving the acquired information in some kind of a database. There are many PHP search engine scripts or search tools available to perform web tasks. These PHP scripts come with customized functions such as quick install and configure script, customized queries all HTML or PHP files etc.

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Rapidshare Search engine PHP script free download allows users to develop their own file search engine website in a few minutes time which can easily search for files from various sources.


Few of the most commonly available search engine PHP scripts free download include:

  • Instant Domain Search Script: This is used to search domains instantly. It offers multiple language support and built-in stats too.
  • PHP Book Search Engine: This PHP script is an amazing search engine for publications. The script uses Google Publications API to avail the info and various filters i.e. search filters like name of the guide, author or ISBN.
  • Google Adwords Scraper Script PHP: The Google Adwords scraper script PHP is used for in-depth information scraping.  
  • Xbox Gamer Checker: This script allows users to create a website to check on whether a Gamertag is available or not.
  • Image Search Engine: The Image search engine PHP script lets users gain access to images through the Flickr API. It allows them to sort the result and get images straight from one’s domain.

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Free php rapidshare search engine script allows you to create your own file
search engine website in a minute which is able to search for files from various
file …Results 1 – 20 of 83 Collection of commercial and free PHP search engines scripts. … All you need to
do is download & drop this PageRank checker to your …search engine php script free downloadIf you’re searching a php search engine scripts or search tool for the web tasks,
you’re right destination today. We now have gathered some of the best 30 search
engine PHP scripts with …. Download 30 Free Poster / Flyer Templates in PSD …php search engine scripts free download. OpenSearchServer search engine
OpenSearchServer is a powerful, enterprise-class, search engine program. Place a Site Search Engine on your website – free PHP scripts to allow visitors to
search the documents on your site. Free php rapidshare search engine script allows you to create your own file
search engine website in a minute which is able to search for …Maian Search is free PHP software released under the Creative Commons
Licence. … More free software and marketing tools can be found on the Maian
Script …Sphider is a lightweight web spider and search engine written in PHP, using
MySQL as its back end database. It is a great tool for adding search functionality
to …SeekQuarry provides open source search technologies. … Demos · Downloads ·
Docs · Help · Resources … Yioop is GPLv3, open source, PHP search engine
portal software. … Seekquarry also sells a payment processing script to support
charging for internal keyword advertising and the ability to set a fee to join
particular …PHP Search Engine Script allows your visitors to search for sites, images, videos,
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