In this article, we will see how you can create a custom wordpress search form using two different methods- by adding code, and not adding code. Make sure that you have also read best search engines for wordpress before following the instructions below.

Add wordpress search form

Method 1- WordPress search form by adding code. (Free)

All wordpress sites come with a default search form.

Given that you are here, you want to edit the look and feel of your search form- The placeholder, the submit button, size of the search box etc you could opt for method 2 which gives you more fine grained controls.

You can add a search form by including

 in your wordpress template. 

For creating a custom search form, create a new php file called searchform.php and save it to your themes folder. You can add the following form code to this file.

This adds just a search form to your wordpress site which uses the default wordpress search. To have a better search functionality on your wordpress site, you could follow the steps below.

Method 2- With the WP Fastest site search plugin. 

Add wordpress search form

wordpress search form

Add wordpress search form


Here is a sample UI for a search form (credit: online tutorials),

The following video explains how this could be built using html and css.  The same css could be used in the Expertrec control panel to style your functional search box.


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