Adding a search engine to your website helps users discover content easily. It is also useful for SEO purposes and understanding user intent on your website. Here are detailed steps to add search to your website –

Build you own custom search engine

Add search to Website using Expertrec engine: (No ads)

  • Go to and click on Google site search replacement-add search to website
  • Login-Sign in with your Google account-add search to website
  • Enter the URL of the website you want to crawl and choose your nearest data center region.add search to website
  • Now you will get a code to copy. Please add this code to a div element in your site’s body section. You need to add this on all pages where you want the search box to appear. Please note that this will also add the search box UI. You could also replace your Google site search code with our code.add search to website
  • Initiate Crawl -Crawl/ indexing of your pages will start. add search to website
  • You will get a control panel page to tweak your custom search features. Here you can check your demo.add search to website
  • You can check the demo before taking live, by clicking on the demo link.add search to website
  • Once you add the code to your site, the search goes live. The search box looks similar to the following image. When a user presses enter the user interface looks like the above image.
add search to website
  • The default UI is the overlay UI where the search results pops up in the same page. Some customers want search results on a different page. For search results to come on a new page, go to Configuration->search layout->choose “search layout on different page”. In the additional info section add the search result path where you want search results to come on enter and the query parameter. After this, you have to get the new code and add it to your site to get the new search interface.

add search to websiteAdd search to my website

  • In the below example, search result path is :”/search-results/” and q is the “query parameter” if your search results have the URL format             add search to website
  • A lot of our customers moving from google site search requested us to add this feature that would help them choose their own colors and font sizes for search results and we have obliged. Go to> sign in->look and feel-> Inputbox. Here you can make adjustments to the search box . You can edit the height, margin, padding, font size etc. You can also add custom css, your own font awesome icon for the search box and much moreadd search to website
  • In some situations, you might want to crawl more than one url to show in search results. Go to>sign-in->crawl settings->Add/edit URL->enter the URLs you want to crawl ->press update. add search to website
  • By default, image search is disabled in expertrec’s google site search replacement. To  enable this, go to crawl settings->custom fields->enable extractor->enter the CSS selector and attribute name->click updateadd search to website
  • Sometimes you might want to crawl pages that are behind a login page. If you enter the following details in our control panel.add search to website
  • Filter URLs you don’t want to show up in search results- Go to crawl settings->URL settings->Filter URLs-> enter the URls you don’t want to come in search results->Update.add search to website
  •  Our crawler by default ignores URLs that have GET paramters. To crawl URLs that have GET paramater enable this optionadd search to website


add search to website


Add search to my website

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