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The Onion Router (TOR) is a virtual protocol network (VPN) that is encrypted to offer high-security features. Unlike conventional search engines such as Google, Bing, or Yahoo, TOR is a deep web (also known as dark web) search engine. TOR is downloaded to access sites that are not indexed by traditional search engines. It is said that the commonly used web constitutes only a minute per cent of the Internet, while the deep web covers the majority of it.

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People use the Tor image search engine to browse images that Google or any other search engine may not index. Tor image search engine can be used to access the deep web for finding drugs, illegal porn images, and media content. In addition, users can download tor search engine to avail educational archives, books, hidden content of academic journals, and news from across the world.

What is Tor

One must download the Tor browser and best VPN Service to get access to the sea of online content that’s hidden in conventional search engines. However, although these search browsers offer deep web content, it isn’t easy to ensure the accuracy of these contents. Therefore, there is a possibility that the information obtained from a Tor search engine is not completely accurate. So, users must be careful while browsing.


Searching something on Tor can always be frustrating and rightly so it isn’t a tool created with convenience in priority. But what about the ones that are. Most of the internet used popularly by people is meant to be convenient to use in nature. However this isn’t the case with many places. Take for example e-commerce sites, except for the few large ones most have a lot missing in terms of usability. Even something as necessary as a search is missing in most places.

Good news however is that woocommerce is taking e-commerce by storm and it’s one of the best option that offers great functionality which is provided for free. However having this alone will not be enough. Crucial aspects like search have to be taken  care of separately either by using a woocommerce faceted search javascript or substituting it for a plugin.

Ecommerce sites have to focus a lot on search and discoverability in especially this is the case with woocommerce wherein a lot of support doe not come on these functionalities by default. Things like woocommerce price filter are a must-have and is absolutely necessary to let the users sort through the products based on the price. Another important feature to have is woocommerce filter by category. This is also very crucial to have as users must be given the option to sort through different category. The best way to implement this feature is to do it by a wordpress woocommerce search filter plugin.

Another important feature is the search by sku in woocommerce. It’s a very annoying experience when you finally found that one product you have been looking for and it turns out to be out of stock and not oderable. This is a really frustrating experience and must be avoided at all costs. This what woocommerce search for sku does, it enables users to search through only the products in stock.

To put it simple woocommerce product search function  is a very important function to have.  If you try using the woocommerce product filter shortcode instead of using a plugin you might have to face the issue of the custom product filter woocommerce not working. Yo ca also take the woocommerce filtering experience to a whole new level by using woocommerce layered nav. 

Here is a video that explains a bit more

YouTube video

YouTube video

tor image search engine

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