Read this blog on Woocommerce product search function for more information.

WooCommerce has a very basic product search form that often doesn’t provide enough information. Many store owners often try to replace this with a custom search form.
woocommerce product search function

WP Fastest Site Search is an instant ajax WooCommerce search plugin that lets your customers search any product on your website. Simply enter a relevant keyword, and the plugin will browse all WooCommerce categories one at a time. It is fast, and easy to use the plugin for WooCommerce based websites with a huge amount of items. The plugin could be easily integrated into the default WooCommerce Product Search widget in one click.

How to add Woocommerce Product Search Function from ExpertRec

  • Go to
  • Enter your website URL and initiate a crawl.
  • Wait till all your site pages of your website have been crawled.
  • Download and install the WP fastest site search widget from here.
  • Go to and copy your site ID.
  • Click on the site search icon in your WordPress admin panel.  Copy-paste your API key from inside your WordPress admin panel 
  • This widget adds a better performing search form to your website.
  • Subscribe to a paid plan (9 USD per month).
  • That’s it, you have added a search form to your Woocommerce site.

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