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In this article, we will look at search engines and further discuss the on-site search engines.

Search engines have three primary functions like Crawl, Index, and Rank. Crawling is a search process in which search engines send a team of robots (known as crawlers or spiders) to discover new and updated content. Content can be different – it can be a webpage, image, video, PDF, etc. – but regardless of the format, content can be discovered through links. By pushing this path of links, the crawler will be able to find new content and add it to its index called caffeine – a large database of discovered URLs – while the searcher wants information that the content on that URL is a good match. They index the information that search engines process and store, a large database of all the content they find, and are considered suitable for serving searchers.

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When someone does a search, search engines screw up their index for very relevant content and then order that content in hopes of solving a searcher’s query. This order of search results is referred to as ranking by relevance. In general, the higher you rank the higher the website rank, the more relevant the search engine believes the site is for the query. It is possible to block search engine crawlers from part of your site or to instruct search engines to avoid storing certain pages in the index. While there may be reasons for doing so, if you want searchers to find your content, you must first make sure that it is accessible and indexable to crawlers. Otherwise, it’s as good as invisible. There are many examples of on-site search engines like MySpace, Swarovski, Dawson’s Music, Hobbycraft, Kurt Geiger, Obi.de, Fat Face, Wiggle, Waitrose, etc.

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