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Vuclip, a PCCW Media Company is a leading video-on-demand service provider across the globe with presence in more than 22 countries. is launched and manages to reach 1M MAUs within the first year. Vuclip manages to secure patents for multiple technologies, including Method Of Streaming Media To Heterogeneous Client Devices, Media Device Knowledge Base and Offline Content Distribution Networks. is LIVE with mass-market products in partnership with 30 telecom companies. The mobile site delivers videos on any network and on any device without buffering.

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Vuclip brings to subscribers a catalogue of more than 1 million titles, including Bollywood and Hollywood movies, TV shows, sports, news, and music videos in 25 different languages, including English, Hindi, Tamil, Telegu, Indonesian, Bahasa, Arabic, and Thai. 

Building a custom search engine has many uses. For example we often face the difficulty to find good news sources, this can be solved by a custom search engine which made for only that purpose. his might get you wondering how to build a custom new search engine. You can do this for pretty much any platform even something as complcated as hybris, there is an advanced search for hybris. available.

Once the search engine is built it is now time to add a stylish search box in HTML, this will be the UI available to the site visitors to interact with your search engine. Before you style the search bar it is very important to know how to make a search bar in HTML.

It’s often hard to find a place where you can make a custom search engine and get the UI for the search bar all in the same place, but there are a few places like that and Expertrec custom search is one of the good ones among them. It’s pretty simple to set this up. All you gotta do is to get your Expertrec site id and you are good to go.

Sometimes you might want to create a search engine that searches the entire web and that too in specific platforms fro example you might think of how to create search engine like google in php. However adding a google custom search engine for your website is a pretty easy task as setting up does not require much effort. Although if your requirement need high degree of customisation then its best to get the google custom search code in html.  Making a custom search engine as said before has a lot of benefits and advantages going one of them is the convenience of having an internal search engine for private networks. Another very good use of having a custom search engine is to have one, is for the doucmentation section of your site. This can be pretty messy often but you have to provide your visitor an option to easily navigate them. Hence having a documentation search engine for your website is another great application of a custom search engine. Another good reason to have one is if you have a very large settings page then your users can get very upset navigating hence having search for settings page is another good application.      

Not many know how to make a php search engine for your site. I remember a few days down the road when I tried to find some nice looking PHP search engines. I didn’t do a full search, which led me to create some sites to have on the web. Then I found out that there were lots of good looking PHP search engines but they don’t offer an app. These people are mostly just web developers that come with PHP and want to add feature rich web applications. The easiest way to be a web developer in the world is to build your own search engines. This could be done by having users in the real world build their own search engines and then run on the new platforms. You might often wonder why there is a need to create a custom search engine. SEO-specific queries may be generated automatically when searching for specific keywords within the keywords catalog in search engine results. You can search for keywords by using the query and key phrase information. For example, in the first step above where the keywords are “the top five worst searches ever” you may search keyword by keyword without looking for keywords. Another example for a need for  custom search engine would be to create a faq search engine. There is often the difficulty in searching through faqs and finding the right thing you are looking for. This kind of an faq search engine would go miles in helping out in this scenario.  

Creating a working search bar html element is no joke. It allows you to control the search and delete the content of search bar. You can create multiple forms of search, such as using search form from the right side or select a column and use the text on the top left. That means not your entire search pane and you can use different forms. For example, when sending an email to the address you specify in the email filter, your form could be selected into the form on the right side of each form (the top right) of the query (the left, which means that that form is available without clicking on the right side of the form). 


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