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Custom search homepage explained

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In this article, we will explain expertrec’s custom search engine’s home page features.

You can create a custom search engine from

Custom search homepage explained

The image below has been numbered so that the features can be explained using the numbers.

custom search home page
  1. URL crawl status– This shows the current state of your crawl. This can be in the queue. Paid customers have a higher priority if there is a heavy crawl load.
  2. Pages crawled- The number of pages crawled. The number of pages crawled determines your payment plan. If you want to estimate this count before, you can do a search in google to know how many pages are there on your website. You can also check your sitemap to determine the number of pages on your website.
  3. Contact Support-If you need any help in taking your search live, you can use this support ticket button.
  4. Recrawl-If you want to re-crawl your website, you can use this. This will delete your old website crawled data and start a fresh new crawl.
  5. Preview Demo-You can use this to see a preview of your demo before taking live.
  6. API Key-This uniquely identifies your website. You will be charged per api key. If you are a wordpress customer, you have to paste this API key in your wordpress admin panel.
  7. Edit your website URL-  This helps you change your website URL (this is enabled for paid customers).
  8. Toggle between websites- If you have multiple websites associated with your account, you can use this dropdown to choose between websites.
  9. Home-Take you to expertrec home page.
  10. Take live– Options to help you take live custom search.
  11. Crawl– Controls to help you manage crawl settings.
  12. Search ranking- Controls to change your search relevance and weights.
  13. UI customization– Helps you change the look and feel of your search UI.
  14. Script hooks– If you are a developer,  you can add certain code that executes before the search loads to influence your search engine behavior.
  15. Payment– You can choose and upgrade to a paid plan here.

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