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Google CSE Custom Search Engine

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Adding site search to your website helps users discover content easily. There are two easy ways through which you can add search to your website. Through Google custom search -Google custom search. (Please note that this contains Ads).

Google custom search

  • Visit and sign in. google cse
  • Enter sites to search and click create:google cse
  • You will be taken to this page with 3 options- google cse Add it to your site– You can get a code to add it to your site.                                                                        View it on the web- see a demo of how it will look on your site.                                                                Modify your search engine – control panel to edit search settings.
  • You can view a preview of how the site search will look using the “view it on the web” linkgoogle cse
  • Control panel – Here you can manage search features, look and feel, choose to show autocomplete or not, add synonyms, etc. google cse google cse
  • Once you choose a Layout, click save and get code in the “look and feel tab”google cse
  • We now have to add this code inside a <div> in the <body> section on the pages we want a site search to work and push changes to the production site. google cse
  • Now your custom search is ready for use!google cse

The disadvantages of Google custom search

One of the major disadvantages of using Google custom search is that it shows ads on your site. If you are looking for an ad-free experience, you could sign up for expertrec site search.

Expertrec custom search engine

In case if you are looking for an ad-free search engine, you could try Expertrec site search:

Three steps involved in adding expertrec site search from

  1. Enter your site URL.
  2. Add sitemap URL.
  3. Add Expertrec code. Go live!

The user interface similar to this-google cse

Add Search to your Website


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