Open source and free alternatives to Google search appliance

10 Google Search Appliance (GSA) Alternatives

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Ever since the Google search appliance was discontinued users have been posed with the constant question of google search appliance discontinued what next? Search for a google search appliance alternative have been in the rise ever since and previous loyal google search appliance users have been on the lookout for a google search appliance replacement guide.

If you are one among those gsa users looking for a top 5 google search appliance replacements then you are in luck cause we have found 10 GSA replacements. Choose what works for you best. 


Here are the top 10 Google search appliance alternatives. You can choose one of them to replace your Google search appliance.

Top 10 Google search appliance alternatives

Google search appliance alternatives

  1. Expertrec– Expertrec is a search appliance alternative priced at 9 USD per month. Fast autocomplete, search ranking controls and a no-code search platform makes this one of our top picks.Google search appliance alternatives
  2. SOLR– Solr is an open-source enterprise search platform. Its features include full-text search, highlighting, facets, real-time indexing, and much more. It would require complete setup from your engineering team for this to be up and running. You can set up your own crawler using nutch.Google search appliance alternatives
  3. Elastic search– They are not really open source (meaning they will make you pay sooner or later). Their paid versions are pretty costly.Google search appliance alternatives
  4. Datapark search engine– DataparkSearch Engine is a full-featured open-source web-based search engine and can be used to search within a website, group of websites, intranet, or local system.Google search appliance alternatives
  5. Xapian– Xapian is a free and open-source probabilistic information retrieval library, released under the GNU General Public License. It is a full-text search engine library for programmers.Google search appliance alternatives
  6. Strus-The open-source project Strus provides a collection of libraries and command-line tools written in C++ for building a competitive, scalable full-text search engine.Google search appliance alternatives

Replace your google search appliance with expertrec @ 9 USD per month

  1. Sphinx searchSphinx is a full-text F/OSS search engine that provides text search functionality to client applications.Google search appliance alternatives
  2. Manticore SearchManticore Search is a feature-rich full-text oriented search engine that is fast, reliable and scalable. It is 100% open source project Google search appliance alternatives

A great product that was based on Google search appliance was google site search. This was a great option for webmasters looking for a fast and reliable internal site search engine. However unfortunately suddenly google sites search was not working and all the webmasters were faced with the question of google site search discontinued what to do?

life after google site search wasn’t the same before as this was a very viable option for both small and large websites. Since then the webmasters have been in a constant quest for google site search replacement and google site search alternative. It was very difficult to fill in this gap but some search providers did end up doing it.

After much research for the best replacement for google site search we came up with a list of 5 free google site search alternatives. However if you ask which is the absolute best alternative then it’s hands down Expertrec search.  Expertrec has all the main features that used to be present in google site search like the google site search autocomplete and the google site search sort by date feature.


What is Google Search Appliance used for?

Google search appliance provides a function ion for document indexing. It runs as a server that runs outside or inside a network. It does indexing of important content by looking through the resources of the company. It looks for data so that the viewers can look for the data and locate it, using the same method that’s there on the search site Google. This includes websites, file sharing, and databases. It is a local search program for workstations. Google appliance offers integration with other Google software like Gmail and Gtalk.

What is the best alternative to replace Google search appliances?

With the discontinuation of Google Search Appliance, there was and, still, is a search for an alternative. The search for Google appliance replacement is still on. Some of the other options for Google Search appliances are

  • Expertrec

This is an alternative for search appliances. Priced at 9$ per month, it provides fast autocomplete and controls on search ranking. It also provides a no-code search platform, making it an excellent alternative. 

  • Sphinx

It is a full-text F/Soss search engine. It provides the functionality of text search for client applications.

  • Strauss

It is an open-source project. It provides a library collection with command-line tools which are written in C++. The command lines are written to build up a full-text search engine worth scaling, along with being competitive.

Find what you need fast with Google Search Appliance

To find data or results faster with Google search appliance, you can sort by metadata. That is, you can sort search results by author, price, or any attribute. If you don’t know the exact spelling, type a few characters and add characters like *,” which are wildcard characters. GSA will then fill in the blank and search.

Google search appliance also adapts to the user. Over time, it learns to deliver better results.

GSA also has over 70 languages that the user can search from. It also makes automatic suggestions for the standard spelling of words.

How to re-purpose the Google Search Appliance T4 model?

Google Search T4 model can be repurposed into a decent server. The BIOS chip on the motherboard is easily replaceable. It can be replaced with a well-known working version of the same. To replace it, you need to load the USB. It needs to be loaded with a bootable operating system and inserted into a rear USB slot. The boot startup will begin. Then it would be best if you pressed DEL to enter the BIOS. When the password is needed, you can insert the password AWARD_SW. You will realize that the default AMBios has not changed.   

 Also, you can consider installing a new Operating System and using the hardware for another purpose after the GSA license expiration.

Or, you can also call support on Google after the license expiry. You need to check that you have direct SSH access on the search appliance, the license has genuinely expired, and that the GSA software version is 7.4.0.G.120. Google recommendations for a successful update will also happen when SSH is enabled, the index is reset, GSA is rebooted, and the update proceeds.

Replace your google search appliance with expertrec @ 9 USD per month


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