Google search appliance has been discontinued as of March 2019. In this article we will see how to replace your Google search appliance with expertrec.

Here are the search trends for Google search appliance from 2004. The searches for Google search appliance has reduced and the search for Google search appliance replacement has increased after 2017.

Some of the features to look for  when looking to replace your google search appliance are-

  1. Search relevancy/ Ranking algorithm control– The search ranking algorithm is one of the key things that can help in retrieving the right search results. With Google’s search appliance you had access to Google’s ranking methodology. When you replace your search, make sure you have control over your search ranking algorithm.
  2. Search autocomplete– Search autocomplete or type-ahead is one of the key search features available in GSA . The quality of the search suggestions can determine the success of your GSA migration.
  3. Spell Check- Google search appliance spell checker helps in correcting spelling errors suited to the user behavior of your site. This is another important search feature to look for.. When you get a free trial from your search vendor, check this functionality.
  4. Faceting and search navigation-Filters and facets helps in drilling down to narrow your search results.
  5. Crawler- Ask your search vendor about the crawler frequency, whether it can crawl Javascript heavy pages.
  6. Search analytics- Search analytics and reporting capabilities to understand what is the user search behavior and click stream analysis.
  7. Connector Integration- Integration with connectors  such as Amazon S3 buckets,  Atlassian, salesforce etc.

How to replace your Google search appliance with expertrec-

  1. Go to
  2. Enter your website URL.
  3. Enter a sitemap if you have one.
  4. Choose your nearest data center.
  5. If you have some content behind a login, follow steps in this article-
  6. Wait for the crawler to finish crawling your website content.
  7. Check the demo.
  8. Take live by adding the code to your website.
  9. Thats it!
  10. There are more features inside the expertrec control panel that can help in making your Google search appliance migration smoother..
    google search appliance discontinued what to do

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