How to add magento 2 search terms

How to add search terms in magento 2

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Adding search terms is a great way to let users find products easily in Magento 2. Here are steps to add search terms in Magento 2.How to add search terms in magento 2

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To add a new search term:

  1. Go to your Magento 2 admin panel.
  2. Go to Marketing-> SEO & Search > Search terms.
  3. Click on Add new search term.
  4. Enter the search query you want to add for.
  5. Choose the store.
  6. Synonym for is the product name you want to return results for.
  7. Enter the redirect URL ( the page you want to send the user when he enters the search query and presses enter).
  8. If you want to display in search suggestions -> choose the display in suggested terms to yes.How to add search terms in magento 2

Add a Search Bar to Magento


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