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google search appliance hardware specs

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Read google search appliance hardware specs for more information.

Once the license of GPA expires, you may want to install a new operating system. You may also feel like using the hardware for other purposes. 

Hardware Specs GSA

Google Search Appliance

The Google Search Appliance comes with Google software installed on the hardware. The Google Search Appliance Hardware Specs is a mounted device that earlier provided the document indexing function. Its operating system is based upon the CentOS. Its software is produced by Google and the hardware is manufactured by Dell. The hardware unit has been secured with screws inside the appliance.

The Google Search Appliance could be purchased in two separate versions based on the number of documents being indexed. Model G100, a 2U appliance, can index up to 20,000,000 documents. The G500 5U appliance can index up to 100,000,000 documents.

The G100 model is a branded version of the Dell PowerEdge R720XD. Its IDRAC BIOS reveals a model name of Dell OEM.R R720XD XL. These models can be easily re-flashed to fully functional Dell-branded BIOS, however, they are made with a Google-branded BIOS by default that locks down many features as well as BIOS access.

Google Appliance

Google not selling new licenses

You must know that now Google is not selling the new licenses for the Google Search Appliance. The Google Mini, however, is used as a search appliance nowadays.                   

Google has also taken care that it has the search appliances that are available for enterprise customers. This will help the customers to keep their data centers to seek advantage from Google’s searching.




Check out this video for further information:

YouTube video

YouTube video

google search appliance hardware specs

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