google search appliance replacements

Top 5 Google search appliance replacements

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Top 5 Google search appliance replacements

Here are the top 5 replacements for Google search appliance.Top 5 Google search appliance replacements

  1. Expertrec– Expertrec is a hosted Site Search solution that can help you deliver relevant results effortlessly, with advanced cloud search technologies and setup solutions.  It comes with a powerful crawler and another advanced search as you type search appliance replacements
  2. Elastic searchElasticsearch is a search engine based on Lucene. It provides a distributed, multi-tenant capable full-text search engine with an HTTP web interface and schema-free JSON documents. Requires coding knowledge to set up. Their paid versions are 79$ + .google search appliance replacements
  3. Apache SolrScalable, feature-rich search server out there. A F/OSS (free or open sources software) out-of-the-box solution from Apache Software Foundation and used by organizations such as Netflix, AOL, CNet, etc. Many companies have moved from GSA moved to Solr. google search appliance replacements
  4. Microsoft SharepointMicrosoft SharePoint includes a lot of features and improvements targeted towards enterprise search. Crawl and content processing, indexing, query processing, search administration, and search analytics. google search appliance replacements
  5. Amazon cloud search– Amazon CloudSearch is a managed cloud service with which you can set up a search application. Has to support 34 languages and has standard search features like autosuggest. highlighting, geo search, and search appliance replacements

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