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Site search is one of the most important yet most overlooked functions of any eCommerce site. Test these design best practices to help improve your on-site conversions. Your customers and prospective customers turn to search because they need something that the current page isn’t showing them, or they know exactly what they want. The better your ecommerce search engine is at returning the desired results, the more likely your visitors are to make a purchase.
best ecommerce search results

Ecommerce site search engines give website visitors the ability to query your database and pull up answers to questions they have about your company and your products or services. The better configured the site search engine, the easier it is for people to find the information they’re seeking in a self-serve fashion — without needing assistance from customer service and without having to leave your website.

How to get Best eCommerce Search Results

The best eCommerce search engine is the one that does the work of an exceptional salesperson: It’s able to answer any questions your shoppers may have, provide suggestions, and help move shoppers further down the path to a satisfying purchase.

The goal is to make your products or services easy to find, a breeze to select, and simple to buy. That’s the cake. The icing is when you walk alongside them to suggest items they need, but might have forgotten. The clerk’s thoughtful prompt of, “Can I get you some batteries for that flashlight?” has kept many a camper from stumbling in the dark.

How many times have you become frustrated with the usability of an eCommerce search engine that requires exact (even case-sensitive) spellings before it returns anything other than “Item not found”? Or maybe you’ve tried to perform a category search, but the site search only dealt with product names — how useful is that?

The best eCommerce Search Results can be given only by a search engine that has top both features like typo tolerance, voice search, auto-complete, auto-suggest, etc.

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