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WordPress is a remarkable platform for bloggers and also for those who are looking for an equipped website content management system. Among the many advantages and well-developed features of WordPress, there is one that should also be considered as a beneficial tool.                               wordpress

You don’t need to think a lot to find out about the tool or icon that is being mentioned here. It is none other than the magnifying glass icon in the search form of WordPress. The search widget is most of the time used by users to add a particular search form to their respective header. With the help of the ivory search, you are capable of creating numerous search form and then configure each of the created search forms individually to customize the WordPress search.

 Wordpress Ivory Search Moreover, once you have acquainted yourself with the magnifying glass, you will also be able to replace the text with a specific and standardized magnifying glass search graphic. You will be happy to know that the search button can be changed to the search icon as and when required.


Now, after realizing this, you should know that magnifying glass can be added on functions.php for removing the search icon and adding the actual search form after the main menu. There can be different ways in which the genesis search form can be customized. There is also a particular code that can replace the search button with a magnifying glass.Wordpress Ivory Search

WordPress search forms magnifying glass can be of several ways to explore the 2.5 million digital assets which include 2018’s best WordPress themes. The magnifying glass icon also goes back to its usual form whenever the search bar is empty.

For better knowledge, you can also acquaint yourself with some of the updated steps for displaying the search form submit button and then replace the default ‘Search’ text with a magnifying glass icon by making use of the latest overhauled font.

One of the steps of adding the search form to the main menu of WordPress includes the use of the in-built generic magnifying glass icon.

At last, it will be worthwhile to make use of the magnifying glass icon of WordPress and experience its working on your own.

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