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Read Add a WordPress Search Form in 5 minutes – No code for more information.

WordPress is a remarkable platform for bloggers and also for those who are looking for an equipped website content management system. Among the many advantages and well-developed features of WordPress, there is one that should also be considered as a beneficial tool.                               wordpress

You don’t need to think a lot to find out about the tool or icon that is being mentioned here. It is none other than the magnifying glass icon in the search form of WordPress. The search widget is most of the time used by users to add a particular search form to their respective header. With the help of the ivory search, you are capable of creating numerous search form and then configure each of the created search forms individually to customize the WordPress search.

 Wordpress Ivory Search Moreover, once you have acquainted yourself with the magnifying glass, you will also be able to replace the text with a specific and standardized magnifying glass search graphic. You will be happy to know that the search button can be changed to the search icon as and when required.


Now, after realizing this, you should know that magnifying glass can be added on functions.php for removing the search icon and adding the actual search form after the main menu. There can be different ways in which the genesis search form can be customized. There is also a particular code that can replace the search button with a magnifying glass.Wordpress Ivory Search

WordPress search forms magnifying glass can be of several ways to explore the 2.5 million digital assets which include 2018’s best WordPress themes. The magnifying glass icon also goes back to its usual form whenever the search bar is empty.

For better knowledge, you can also acquaint yourself with some of the updated steps for displaying the search form submit button and then replace the default ‘Search’ text with a magnifying glass icon by making use of the latest overhauled font.

One of the steps of adding the search form to the main menu of WordPress includes the use of the in-built generic magnifying glass icon.

At last, it will be worthwhile to make use of the magnifying glass icon of WordPress and experience its working on your own.

For further information, you can check out this link: 

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Add wordpress search form

If you still do not have a site search for your Wordpress website you can add a WordPress search on your website. External plugins also add a beautiful search dropdown to the search bar. You can also try WordPress extended search plugins like wp fastest site search. Features like autocomplete search and search auto suggest add a very value-driven functionality to a search engine. Some plugins also allow you to search PDF content and you can create a WordPress PDF search engine using Expertrec. This plugin also provides you the feature of full-screen search overlay.

Looking for WordPress search not found message.

  1. Which is the best WordPress auto-suggest plugin?

Ajax search pro is by far the best autosuggest for WordPress. It comes with highly customizable features and options that allow your customers to find the best result within a few seconds. You can easily replace your search bar in wordpress with Ajax search pro, which has a better display and offers the most efficient search engine to boost your user experience.

Apart from Ajax search pro, there are also some other auto-suggests that are readily available in WordPress. They are Reactive Pro with advanced filters and a grid plugin, which is extremely easy to install; search WP, which enables Ajax-powered live search to the search forms; and Searchford, which supports various customized searches, among many others.

However, the best WordPress auto-suggest plugin for you would be the one that provides a variety of features through which you can boost your conversion rates.

  1. How to do Ajax autocomplete WordPress search?

Ajax offers all the features if you want access to premium WordPress search plugins. Make sure that the plugin is active, followed by navigating to Ajax Search Lite, going to General Options, and then clicking on Autocomplete & Suggestions. With this tool, the users typically get access to WordPress autocomplete search results comprising various metadata, custom post types, fields, and default page and post results. 

You can also acquire full control over the kind of content that appears in the result of autocomplete by heading on to the Sources & Basic tab. Here you can make your own choice regarding the content that you want to show up in your customers’ search results. You can perform all these in the free Ajax version but, by subscribing to the pro version, you will be able to access more features and premium services.

We also need to add below content to this page –  https://blog.expertrec.com/wordpress-search-auto-suggest/

What is Meant by Autocomplete Search?

Want to add WordPress autocomplete search functionality to your website? You know – where visitors start typing in their query and your site automatically helps them finish their search and/or suggests content that matches. WordPress search auto-suggest plugin: This autocomplete search bar allows your users to search through all WooCommerce products, categories, tags, or taxonomy. For example, if you are searching for leather bags for men, by the time you write ‘bags’, the engine automatically comes up with possible suggestions like ‘leather bags for women or ‘leather bags for men.’ All you need to do is select the right one and proceed with your search.

Therefore autocomplete is a software that helps customers by suggesting search query suggestions as they start typing something in the search box. It helps a company enhance its user experience and customer satisfaction with relevant predictions. It is also known as ‘suggestive search’ or ‘search as you type’. 

Google, Amazon, and tons of other sites use this approach because it offers visitors a helpful search experience. And with the right WordPress autocomplete search plugin, you can add the same functionality to your site.

WP fastest site search helps you add live search suggestions and taps into Google’s autocomplete functionality to add autocomplete to your search box.

Why Is Auto-complete Important For Your Website?

Since its inception, autocomplete has become integral to our daily search and internet usage. It has proved extremely beneficial for mobile phone users, considering the limited screen access that they get. This makes it difficult for them to type long texts. The autocomplete with its relevant suggestions has made the customers find relevant content and answer all their questions quickly and easily. Below are the top benefits that autocomplete secures for its website:

  1. Avoiding The Display Of The “Nothing Found” Page:

Autocomplete keeps the customers from getting the no results found page and suggests the most common queries relevant to the input. Moreover, customers might sometimes mistakenly misspell a word. Suggestive search Wordpress also comes with a type-tolerant feature that prevents customers from viewing a blank page due to their typing error. If not the exact query, it displays the most relevant and common queries searched by most customers. This leads us to our next point, that autocomplete helps display more content to the customers.

  1. Provide Customers With More Content:

Autocomplete suggestions, if designed well, offer a highly interactive website. It escalates the customer’s search and user experience and helps them find more relevant content related to their queries. Therefore, the customer can access a wide variety of content, including those that might have gone out of their mind but were in their search list. With more content comes better conversion rates for your website, through which you can easily boost your sales.

  1. Smooth Navigation:

Auto-complete benefits customers by displaying the exact products they are looking for through smooth navigation. Therefore, it abbreviates the customer’s journey to the website shopping cart. Moreover, besides shortening the time customers need to invest in typing and searching for the products of their choice, it boosts the conversion rate by increasing product views by displaying relevant products.

  1. Enhances User Experience:

Websites that don’t offer autocomplete features might lack conversion rates and traffic. As suggestive search WordPress makes the customers’ journey easier and simpler, it builds brand loyalty by enhancing the customers’ user experience, thereby increasing the chances of getting customers who would provide a special preference to your website.

Now let’s check out how you can add the suggestive search WordPress using Expertrec custom search engine.

WordPress Auto-suggest Search Using ExpertRec Custom Search Engine

  • Enter your website URL and initiate a crawl.
  • Wait till all site pages of your website have been crawled.
  • Download and install the WP fastest site search plugin from here.
  • Click on the site search icon in your WordPress admin panel.  Copy-paste your API key from inside your WordPress admin panel 
  • This plugin adds a better performing search form to your website.
  • Subscribe to a paid plan (9 USD per month).
  • That’s it, you have added a search auto-suggest to your WordPress site.
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