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A Web annotation is basically an online annotation that interacts a web page. In case of a search engine using web annotation, when a user puts in some keywords in the search engine, its system automatically fetches the web pages that contain the keywords using web annotation. Lately, web annotation has become one of the most common research topics.

Web annotations can be applied on pages or images. In web annotation, when a user enters an image name that he is searching for, the system will surf him the images that have the same image annotation. Web annotation also helps in creating user-friendliness. With a search engine using web annotation, a user possesses the ability to add, edit or remove a piece of information from a web resource without having the need of modifying the resource itself.

The technique helps web users to find their content or documents easily. Social web annotations help in performing a web search in two ways:

  1. Usually, the annotations are comprehended summaries of the corresponding web pages
  2. The popularity of a web page can be determined by knowing the count of annotations.

Therefore the quality of web pages can be determined using web annotations. It is also assumed that web search can be benefited from social annotations in terms of similarity ranking and static ranking.

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