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An advanced search offers users with more specific options to filter and narrow down their search results. It is proved to be convenient for the end-users. A search implementation that does not have the advanced search options is meaningless in many cases. Even the tech giant Google offers ‘advanced search’ option. 

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The advanced search form requires more detailed inputs for search with respect to the exact matching word or a part of a given phrase, to exclude a given string and search for results that begin with a specific given word. A programmer can easily develop a live database search functionality using PHP such that it will start displaying the search results when a user types any character in the search box.

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The MySQLi extension which is the MySQL improved extension has been developed with the newly added features of MySQL systems versions 4.1.3 and above. The advanced search PHP mysqli extension is included in PHP 5 and above versions. Earlier, the MySQL function was used to manipulate data from the database. However, in later versions such as PHP 7, it has been stopped being used.

Steps to implement advanced search PHP mysqli

  1.     Create a MySQL database and populate it with data
  2.     Import the SQL schema
  3.     Create a search form using search-form.php
  4.     Connect with the database, else data cannot be retrieved
  5.     Retrieve data using MySQL query
  6.     Add security to the MySQL query by putting mysqli_real_escape_string and htmlspecialchars

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