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In this article, we will what is a full-text search engine and how you can create one using expertrec full-text search engine.

What is a full-text search engine

Full-text search engines search for all the words in a document as opposed to other search engines that rely on searching metadata. To accomplish this, all the words in a given document are crawled, indexed, and searched. Full-text search engines are good at searching huge volumes of data for specific words. They have inbuilt capabilities like fuzzy query matching, search results ranking mechanisms, synonyms. Certain advanced full-text search engines, also have the ability to understand natural language understanding capabilities that can offer a personalized search experience. Most web search engines use full-text search techniques.

full text search

Features of a Full-Text search engine

  1. Autocomplete.
  2. Spell correct.
  3. Facets.
  4. Relevance ranking control.
  5. Sorting capabilities.
  6. Advanced Boolean search capabilities(OR), NOT, AND etc.
  7. Search results weighting.
  8. Stemming.

Fulltext search vs Keyword Search


keyword searches cannot take advantage of an index which helps in faster search response times. Due to this a non-full text search engine has to look at every single row for a keyword match.


A full-text search can stem words. If you search for run, you can get results for “ran” or “running”. Most full-text engines have stem dictionaries in a variety of languages.

Weighted Search Results:

A full-text search index allows for weighting search results to promote them or demote them in search results. This flexibility comes in handy for search administrators.

How to create a full-text search engine?

  1. Go to full-text search engine creator.
  2. Enter your website URL. if you have a feed, you can upload that as well in the eCommerce version of the search engine.
  3. Now the full-text search engine will start crawling and indexing your website.
  4. Once the crawling and indexing are complete, you will get a crawl complete message. Now you can copy-paste the code to your website and start using the full-text search engine.

full text search


Add a Full Text custom search results page


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