In this article, we cover the best search engine plugin for qBittorrent.

One recommentation that is often told is to use the search engine within qBittorrent rather than the torrent search sites.

  • The search function within  qBittorrent is as fast as the site. Now you might be wondering how to improve internal site search of your website and trust me building a fast internal site search can be tricky. Just to get hold of the script to search website can be challenging at times. If you are looking for php search script for website we can help you with that. There is a good chance that you might be using laravel if you are into php frameworks in that case we have the laravel full text search too!
  • Using the qBittorrent search allows you to access the results of a torrent search site without the ads and scam “Sponsored”, “External” etc, links that are on the results pages of even the best torrent search sites.
  • Downloading the torrent through qBittorrent avoids any issues where the site offers a disguised toolbar download near the torrent download.
  • The qBittorrent search engine allows you to build your own torrent meta-search by using various sites (though I do not suggest this). Talking about meta-search did you know you can set page meta description to appear in search results description.
qBittorrent Extra Search Engine

Before we start di you know that you can create free search engine!

qBittorrent Extra Search Engine is a search engine plugins for QBittorrent to use with trackers that require authentication.

Before using a plugin specific to the tracker, the user must indicate his login count in the script, in order to sign in. These plugins use tracker cookies. qBittorrent Extra Search Engine is a free software application from other sub-categories, part of the Network and Internet category. In the App, it is currently available in English. The program can be installed on Linux.

There are many types of best qBittorrent Search Engine Like :Academic Torrents,,, Cpasbien and Demonoid

 There are more such sites. You dont want to miss this article on how to create internal website search script easily.


Know more about the best search engine plugin for qBittorrent  in the video below. Read more on search engine php script free download.  Just like creating a search engine fo qbittorrent you can create a custom search engine for pretty much every website. This might get you wondering how to create a search engine like google, don’t worry we have got you covered. You can do this for pretty much any platform even something as complcated as hybris, there is an advanced search for hybris. available. 

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