The 15+ Most Inspiring And Successful Shopify Stores

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A successful online business needs a functional and beautiful website. Creating the perfect site can be a process of trial and error. Websites have lots of moving parts. These can break or be ill-optimized for their purpose. If your e-commerce website is in need of an overhaul, other successful sites can act as inspiration.

Best Shopify stores are a great place to get started. Here you can find a list of 15+ of the most inspiring stores. Each site has its unique charm and highlights the personalization options available for Shopify stores. The sites are all successful but in unique ways. The best thing is you could learn from all of them and take the lessons back to your online store.

The Best Shopify Stores

red and white line online shop

If you want to make the most out of your e-commerce website, you should remember these stunning design choices. The list below also focuses on the functionality of the site. So don’t forget to think if certain features might work on your site!

1. Sir

Sir is an Australian clothing store. The website has a calming feel to it, using big and bold photos to its advantage. The website does a great job showcasing the clothing range and inviting visitors to browse further.

2. Marc Wenn

Personalization is essential for website success. Marc Wenn did it perfectly by emailing the first 100 customers to thank them personally. The luxury brand uses exclusivity and style well in its website design.

3. Khara Kapas

The India-based handmade boutique clothing is a wonderful Shopify website. The elegant and colorful designs are well utilized across the site. The website also ships worldwide, and the website makes it easy to understand and learn more about the different shipping options. The site is a great example of utilizing your global audience.

4. WP Standard

The retailer behind beautiful, full-grain leather accessories is famous for its design. So much so that in 2013, it won Shopify’s Design Award. The online store is the perfect example of the importance of matching functionality with design.

5. Concrete Minerals

Concrete Minerals is a vegan and cruelty-free cosmetics brand. Their ethos is to have fewer ingredients but more pigments. The online store showcases this with bold colors. The site also focuses on providing customers with great information about how the products are made.

6. Beardbrand

Another great example of website customization comes from Beardbrand. They invite visitors to take a quiz that’ll help you find the perfect fragrance for your skin, beard and hair. It makes the website fun and functional!

7. Happiness Abscissa

Websites don’t need to be complex. You should make the shopping experience easy and straightforward. Happiness Abscissa has a sleek design that focuses on promoting its products’ health benefits.

8. Nutriseed

The nutrition-based online store has slowly begun increasing its product range and growing its website. The hands-on approach is visible in the simple design. The website also offers lots of great benefits for returning customers.

9. Cookbook Village

Best Shopify stores know that websites need to provide value to visitors. Cookbook Village isn’t just a great place to buy cookbooks. The site also has a wonderful blog, with the brand using email marketing to its advantage.

10. Hem

Hem sells furniture and homeware on its website. The design is modern and gives the visitor information about the product design. If you want inspiration to design a beautiful site, Hem’s website is one of the best.

11. 18 Karat Store

E-commerce sites can have a huge product catalogue. Presentation of it is very important for business success. 18 Karat Store is a great example of a website that uses search functions and product categories to its advantage.

12. Raven Roxanne

Websites can use video in unique ways to sell products or services. Raven Roxanne is an artwork website that manages to do just that. The site is colorful, easy to navigate and uses different design formats well.

13. Tattly

Tattly shows you can hit it big with your passion projects. The Shopify store sold over 2.6 million temporary tattoos in 2015. The website’s beautiful design is definitely a big reason for the site’s success.

14. Craft and Mason

Simplicity is a big selling point for website success. This coffee retailer is good at making good quality coffee. The website is simple, showcases the site’s products and purpose, and makes it easy to buy products.

15. United By Blue

Sustainability is at the core of everything United By Blue does. The site is very informative, helping visitors learn more about the issues surrounding single-use plastics. You can get involved without even making a purchase.

16. Meow Meow Tweet

Meow Meow Tweet is an organic skincare company. Its webstore showcases the sustainability aspects well without forgetting the ease of shop. The site even offers a bulk refill program to provide customers with plenty of value!

How to Set Up a Successful Shopify Store

website branding

The above examples highlight what the best Shopify stores do well. These sites are:

  • Telling a story – The design, the information, and other mechanics all tell about the website’s purpose, background and values.
  • Focusing on the product – It’s easy to get lost in adding all sorts of bells and whistles. But your site should always put the product at the centre.
  • Using customization – Not only should you offer customization options to your visitors, but you also want to add those to your website.
  • Making it easy to navigateAdding a search bar to your Shopify website is essential. It can allow users to find the products and information they need.

Setting up a Shopify site isn’t hard. You want to pick a theme that reflects your brand and its values. Add colors that go with the brand image and align with your social media. Organize your products and use search bars to make it easy to navigate the site. If you need inspiration, simply look at the above sites for ideas.

Creating a great Shopify store requires a bit of effort. But if you carefully plan your site, you can end up with a fantastic design to help grow your business.


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