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Uncaught typeerror $(…).autocomplete is not a function jQuery UI

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Read uncaught typeerror $(…).autocomplete is not a function jquery ui for more information.

This is error shows up when you happen to load more than one copy of jQuery. jQuery UI plugs into jQuery, and so if you load another jQuery, it will simply overwrite the first jQuery, and then jQuery UI will no longer be present. There are ways of using multiple versions of jQuery on the same page without this happening, but it is really best to make sure that everything is up to date so that you can use only one version – preferably the latest.uncaught typeerror $(...).autocomplete is not a function jquery ui Another case of getting TypeError: $(…).autocomplete is not a function is when you miss the jQuery UI library. Use CDN of Jquery UI or if you want it locally then download the file from Jquery UI.

Solution to TypeError: $(…).autocomplete is not a function:
<link href="" rel="Stylesheet"></link>

<script src="Your jQuery source path"></script>

<script src="" ></script>

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