shopify live search js

shopify live search js

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How to get a live search for my shopify store?

Live search, is a way to get results even when the search query is incomplete.  This saves people time as they need not complete the full query.

Modern internet speeds and low network latency allows a request-response to come back so fast that this is possible.  Let us now see how to enable such a feature for our Shopify store.

shopify live search js

Following are the steps to be followed to enable live search on your shopify store

  1. Go to shopify live search activation page.
  2. Enter your Shopify URL like
  3. Approve the APP to be installed.

Your live search would be live.  This feature costs you 4$ per 1000 products.  With a 14days of risk-free trial.

You will not only get the live search but a host of other features for the price you pay.  This includes

  1. Typo tolerance
  2. Voice search
  3. Faceted/Filters for advanced filtering

Let me know what you think in the comments below.

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