Create a wordpress recommendation engine

Create a wordpress recommendation engine

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Expertrec’s wordpress recommendation engine helps in recommending better articles and products to your site visitors. It also helps in improving the average time spent on your site. To know how our recommendation engine works, go here –


Here are some article recommendations on our own blog.

wordpress recommendation engine

How to create a wordpress recommendation engine.

  1. Create an account at using  https://cpanel.expertrec.comwordpress recommendation engine
  2. Create a google feed URL using the wp product feed manager link – recommendation engine
  3. In your expertrec control panel choose Upload feed and enter your feed URL here.wordpress recommendation engine
  4. Map your fields- Here you have to say to expertrec’s system which is your price field, which is your product description etc.
  5. Add Expertrec Javascript to your website using insert headers and footers plugin.
    1. <script type=”text/javascript”>(function(){var ea=document.createElement(‘script’);ea.type=’text/javascript’;ea.async=true;ea.src=’//’;var m=document.getElementsByTagName(‘script’)[0];m.parentNode.insertBefore(ea,m)})();var _eaq=_eaq || [];function expertApi(){if(window.expertrec_true){var;window.ea_apispec[args[0]](args.slice(1,args.length))}else{_eaq.push(arguments);}}</script>
    2. Here replace XXXXXXX with your website URL without dots. For example, if your website URL is, just replace XXXXXXX with wwwexpertreccom
  6. Choose in your control panel the type of recommendation you want to display-
    1. Similar products
    2. Customers who viewed this also viewed.
    3. Recently viewed.
    4. Recommended for you.
    5. Frequently bought together.
    6. Cart page recommendations.
  7. Click on take live.

That’s it- Recommendations are live on your website.

wordpress recommendation engine

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Read more on how to install the wp fastest site search plugin.

WordPress custom search typically offers one the flexibility to alter the functionalities of the search as per their website needs. There are a lot of custom search WordPress plugins available on the WordPress AppStore. Most of these WordPress search engine plugins offer custom features like faceted search and PDF file search. WordPress search engine offers Google search like features.

WordPress live search plugin can also be used to filter search results based on meta tags like category, brand, price etc.

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