google search box embed

Google Search Box Embed

Make sure you also read this blog on Google search box embed for more information. As you build a website, look at a search box as an element in enabling site accessibility and navigation. The role of a navigation system is not simply to anticipate and respond to what a […]

google custom search engine

google custom search cx

Read google custom search cx for more information. Google Custom Search is a commendable tool for creating a search engine for your website. You can even configure your search engine to look for both images as well as web pages.                                              Create a custom search In order to create a […]

Sphinx Search Magento

Sphinx Search Magento

Read mirasvit sphinx search ultimate Magento 2 for more information. Why Sphinx Search for Magento Sphinx search is a full-text search engine that provides text search functionality. Adding a good search to your Magento 2 website will make a positive impact on the website outlook and also help your users […]