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Read google custom search pagemap for more information.

Google has created PageMaps to let users embed data and notes in their webpages. PageMaps can be precisely described as a structured data format. 

It is to be mentioned here that like Google Custom Search, Google does not make use of the PageMaps. Additionally, the Google Custom Search supports the structured data and it also makes the PageMap data available to its users.


Once you start using the PageMap, you will have full control over the data shown in the custom search results. And most importantly, this will not affect the traditional Google search.

Google Custom Search

The custom search platform will also start extracting data when you provide the in-page metadata markup. This can be done via PageMap or microformats. 

Besides, supporting the PageMap, Custom Search Engine also supports the page dates, meta tags, and rich snippet data. From the whole discussion made above, it seems that the Google Custom Search PageMap will benefit the website owners immensely. 

A careful working is of course required!

For more information, click on this link: 

YouTube video

You can also create your own custom search engine using Expertrec which is a great alternative when your google custom search.

Here are steps to create your own custom search that has no search limits.

  1. Go to expertrec custom search engine.
  2. Enter your website URL.
  3. Enter your website sitemap URL (this ensures all your webpages are crawled correctly).
  4.  Wait for the crawl to complete.
  5. Code to the code section and add it to your website.
  6. Take live.


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