How to Backup your wordpress to github for free using github sync plugin

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In this article, we will see how to backup your wordpress site to github for free using the wordpress github sync plugin.

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You can easily take backups of your wordpress site to github. In case if you lose some of your wordpress content, you can easily get back your lost content using github wordpress backup.


  1. Go to https://github.com/ and create a Github account if you don’t have one.wordpress github
  2. Sign in to your github account.wordpress github
  3. Go to the + button icon on the top right and click on “new repository”wordpress github
  4. Create a new respository-> name it as “wordpress” (or anything you want). Make sure initialize this repository with a README is enabled. Click on create repository.wordpress github

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  1. Now go to your wordpress control panel and go to Plugins-> Add New. Search for “github sync”. Install and activate “wordpress github sync”.wordpress github
  2. Go to settings-> and click Github sync. Here enter the following details-
    1. https://api.github.com
    2. Repository your github username/repository name (For example- muthali/wordpress) wordpress github
  3. Create a personal oauth token- Click on the personal oauth token link given in the dashboard. Give token description as “wordpress sync”  and scope as “public repo” and click generate token .wordpress githubwordpress github
  4. Export to github– Now this will create a token for you. Copy paste this in your wordpress control panel and click on export to github. Now if you go to github profile-> repositories-> wordpress, you will find your wordpress site backup.wordpress github
  5. Go to wordpress folder->wordpress github wordpress github
  6. Here you can see that all your posts have been backed up.
  7. How to restore- Go to settings-> github sync-> Import from Githubwordpress github

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