42 Google search operators listed

42 Google search operators listed

Here are the Google search operators that you can use to make better searches inside Google custom search. List of Google Search Operators “OR or |“-  example-  “Microsoft OR google”  AND example- “Microsoft AND google” NOT or “-“ Exclude certain text from search results- For Example, “USA -Florida” to exclude search […]

iOS 6 secret features

Top 10 Secret Features of iOS 6

Apple released iOS 6 this week, bringing a handful of new features to iPhones, iPads, and iPod touches. While they defined many of the flagship features, several were left unsaid. These are our 10 favourite secret features in iOS 6. 10. Pull to Refresh Pull to refresh is one of […]

top shopify apps

[SHOPIFY] Top Shopify Apps – 2020

Here is a list of top shopify apps that you can use to improve sales on your shopify store-  Sales pop master, ultimate sales boost, conversion plus, facebook marketing and more… Sales and conversion optimization Sales Pop Master ‑ Countdown Sales Pop Master ‑ Sales Popup aims to solve the […]

basic autocomplete framework

Bootstrap Autocomplete Npm

Read bootstrap autocomplete npm for more information. You can install bootstrap 4 autocomplete with npm using npm install bootstrap-4-autocomplete When you call autocomplete on a texfield (also known as input type=”text”), this lib builds a Dropdown around the textfield, having its parent as the container. The textfield is then injected […]