Mini guide on how to add wix search bar in wix site

Wix search bar-Adding in Wix store

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Add Wix search bar every step explained from scratch. Fix any issues in on-site search using Expertrec custom search engine.

According to a survey by Search Engine Journal, nearly 40% of users have agreed that a search bar is the most crucial part of a website. And, undoubtedly, it is a clear indicator of buying intent when the user is searching for a product on your online store. Here’s a quick and mini-guide to add a Wix search bar in your online Wix store. Let’s dive right in.

Custom Wix Search Bar for Wix site

Create a custom site search for your website


How to add Wix search bar in Wix store

Adding a search bar in your online Wix store is quite an easy task. With Expertrec, the task is simplified to a different level. All you need is to follow these steps, and voila, you will get a customized onsite search bar in no time.

Step 1: Sign in with your Google account to Expertrec

Click on the link, and it will show you a web page with three options.

1. Google Site Search/Custom Site Search replacement

2. WordPress Search

3. E-Commerce Search

Choose the option that fits your requirements. If you already have a search bar and you want to offer wings to it, the first option is threaded for you. On the other hand, if you are using one of the most popular website builders, WordPress, you can easily click for this second option. As a result, you will get a custom search engine for your WordPress site. Right now, I’m having an e-commerce site that aims to sell some products. That’s why I am choosing the last option.

Choose E-Commerce Search to add Wix search bar in Wix store

After it, you can sign in with your Google Account to access your Expertrec dashboard.

Sign in with Google Account to Expertrec Wix search bar

Step 2: Copy the code from the Dashboard Code section.

Most probably, you get the code section the very first time you sign into the dashboard. If not, you can always go to the code section and copy the code and HTML tag.

Copy the code from Expertrec dashboard with HTML tag

Step 3: Click Wix dashboard -> Settings -> Advanced -> Custom Code -> Add Head.

Wix offers two options to build websites. The first one is Wix ADI, and the second is Wix Editor. While Wix ADI is slightly more comfortable since it deals with significant sections of a website and has many limitations in adding voluntary features, the Wix Editor gives utmost control to do anything and everything with the website.

If you are in Wix ADI, drag the Site menu at the top right to access the dashboard. Click on the dashboard.

Open dashboard in Wix ADI. Click on Site, then on Dashboard

You can also go back to the Editor from ADI by clicking on the rightmost button at the bar or at the bottom of this Site menu that asks for more design options.
Next, you can get the Dashboard section by clicking on the Settings menu when working in the Wix editor.

Open dashboard in Wix Editor by click on Settings, then dashboard

Needless to say, you can always switch back to ADI.

Switch back to Wix ADI from Wix Editor

Once you open your dashboard, it is high time to add the code that you already copied in step 2.

Click on 1.Settings 2.Advanced 3.Custom Code 4.Add Head to get Wix search bar

Once you click on the custom code, you will get a section to add the head code.

Add Custom Code in Wix to get Wix search bar

Paste the HTML tag so that you don’t have to keep it for the last day.

Paste copies HTML tag from Expertrec custom search engine

At the pretty next step, please copy the code and paste it.

Paste the code from Expertrec to get Wix search Code and Apply it on all pages

It is always a better option to double-check that the code is applied to all pages on a single shot. Indeed, it is always a default option, but a cross-check by your side is invariably recommended. Finally, apply all the changes to get a fresh and new customized Wix search bar on your Wix site.

Step 4: Refresh to Get Wix Search Bar on Your Store.

You will get a Wix search at the left top, as shown below.

Refresh Wix site to add wix search bar in your Wix store

One important thing to mention is that the Wix search bar is easily customized in every aspect. As I prefer the round corners and classy look on my Wix store. You can opt according to your preference.

Update Look and Feel of Expertrec Wix search bar by selection Rounded. Choose search box and text color.

1. All you need is to rush for the Exeprtrec dashboard.

2. Now on, drag the left section until you get the UI Customization menu.

3. Drag the menu to access some incredible options.

4. As the name “Look and feel” says, click on it to change the way your search bar appears.

5. You select if you want a square or a rounded search bar at the very top, as highlighted by the red square on the left side.

6. In the Color Settings, choose the color of your search icon or the color of the text. For me, black is my love forever. You can choose a color that makes your search bar highlight or say that gives a feel of pop up. It helps users to quickly get your search bar and start searching for their aspired product or service.

7. In the section search text color, you can change the color of the search text. A lighter one would be better.

8. That’s all about some basic settings. Last but not the least, don’t forget to update the changes and refresh your site to get a customized Wix search bar with a cool look.

You can search for literally anything, and this search bar is going to show you relevant results.

Demo Expertrec Wix Search Bar

Steps are done. You have a Wix search bar on your Wix site. Pat your back for this small yet significant achievement.

Let’s take a demo to know the efficiency of our customized Wix search bar. For this, type “buy” in the search bar.

Type buy in Expertrec custom Wix search bar to see the results

You will get various popular options on the very moment you type the term “buy” without pressing Enter.

Now, press Enter to get a detailed result.

Select category search result you want to see

Here, we get two options. Based on Type, our search result is automatically categorized into two sections. Since I have merely blog posts and some sample products ( I created it to show how the Wix search bar works. Let me know if you need one ;D ), we can select our category result.

Selected blog category to get results from blog posts

One of the numerous features of an Expertrec customized Wix search bar is voice searchability, and trust me; I love it!

Use voice search and filter option of Expertrec custom Wix search bar.

The filter option on the right side offers the freedom to sort the search results according to Relevance, Price, Popularity, and so on. Expertrec’s customized search bar overcomes innumerable limitations of the default Wix search bar.

Now, let’s explore the benefits of having Expertrec’s customized Wix search bar in the Wix store.

Why add Wix search bar in Wix store?

Wix search bar is a demand of the decade. According to Shopify, it has been proved that usage of search bar by visitors has drastically generated website’s overall revenue up to 13.8 percent.

I hope it explicitly defines the importance of having a search bar. But, the primary concern lies in how the Wix search bar benefits you. Here are seven pointers to explain the significant edge you can get ahead of your competitors by having a Wix search bar.

Quick Search Makes Things Fast

The Wix search bar is the first thing to pay attention to. This statement holds a lot of value, especially when you have either too many product lists on your website or numerous pages of different categories. The basic idea is to make things clear to the user so that s/he could quickly go through the section that s/he wants to see.

When your Wix site has a Wix search bar, it acts as an escape mode for the users, and they can quickly narrow down the search options to get the product of their choices. If they mistakenly land somewhere else on the website, they can soon come back and find their aspired product by using the search bar.

Easy Navigation = Longer Stay

Users love to explore and wander around their desired product. If you have an online clothing store, any user searching for a professional suit may also end up buying a suitable tie when you show them a search related to their query, or customers also bought this section. As a result, your Wix search bar is opening doors for users to discover other products and services that they might need in the future. 

Make it easier for your users to navigate and uncover various other categories. The better searchability, the better selling opportunities. After all, we love to make our visitors stay a little longer than the last visit.

Wix Search Bar Analytics Counts on Your Side

Every platform wants to offer its users an overwhelming experience based on some research, stats, and feedback. Precisely saying, it is all about analytics. And Wix allows you to integrate your website’s Wix search bar with your Google Analytics account. It results in forming a unified system where you can track your visitors’ interests and intent. You can use this information to make changes in web design and page content. It can drastically improve the user experience.

You can aim to build a hierarchy by modifying trending web pages. Launching new products, recognizing emerging market needs, and getting some worthy analytics are some of the things you can estimate as a hidden benefit of having a Wix search bar in your online store.

Higher Conversion and Increased Customer Loyalty

The rate of conversion depends on several factors. And, I agree with it. But, it’s a different thing that researchers draw another picture using stats. WebLinc shows the 216% increased chances of conversion of the users using the on-site search bar. The same applies to the Wix search bar, where you can take advantage of this research.

When your website has more straightforward Navigation and crystal clear categories, you can heavily influence the users’ purchasing desire. In this way, your happy visitors can easily convert. The other benefit is increased customer loyalty. It is because every user landing on your website can quickly get the thing faster using the Wix search bar, which in turn contributes to improved relationships and better trust. It encourages users to come back to your website whenever they need that specific genuine product or service fast.

Misspellings Should NOT be a Concern

Your search bar should be proficient in understanding user’s emotions just as Google does to you. It does not matter if you have written the wrong spelling or forgot to write a letter. It will show the result exactly as you wanted by adding a section that says, Showing results for, added with the corrected version.

Till this moment, I can feel you better. You may think that the inbuilt Wix search bar does not provide this feature, and it has other limitations too. But, no worries. I’m here to help you get acquainted with a fantastic search engine by Expertrec that can easily integrate with your online Wix store.

Auto-Fill is a Life Savior

There are various instances when we have the exact product image in our mind, but it’s too hard to convert them into letters. We estimate that the thing is somewhat associated with a particular one. Here comes into play the role of auto-fill. Whenever we type a query, we get some insights based on popular searches and search history. 

Auto-fill is a highly recommended feature to have in your Wix search bar, especially when you have an online Wix store. It can give your users some ideas and other lesser-known options associated with your products.

Search Bar Comer First for Mobile Users

In recent updates, Google has explicitly encourages the mobile-friendliness of a website. There is no other reason that a significant portion of internet users comes from mobile. It is handy, comfortable, and it wouldn’t be wrong if I say it is somewhat like an extension of our body part. We are heavily impacted by our mobile phones. They have become an integral part of our life nowadays.

That’s why it’s pretty evident that mobile users love quick and easy searches. Having a Wix search bar allows them to directly search for their needed product or page and land on it.

Final Verdict

Having a Wix search bar can really transform your online Wix store. And, what can be better than having an extraordinary on-site search that can increase the probability of conversion rate by six times using search bar advanced features like auto-complete. It would be best to have an Expertrec custom Wix search bar for remarkable results and breathtaking analytics.

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