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Search engine code in PHP w3schools

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Read search engine code in PHP w3schools for more information.

You can easily create a search engine in PHP. And this will not be just some dummy search box which will give you a restricted search feature. This will be a proper search box with advanced features like voice search, auto-complete, etc.search engine code in php w3schools

Building a search engine from scratch can be a daunting task. There is just so much to keep track of. But luckily, there is an easy way around it.

Add a search engine to your website

What if most of the work is done and all you need to add a search engine to your website is a piece of code? Well, that is exactly the case here. Follow along to find out how to add a PHP code snippet to get a search on your website.

Search engine code in PHP
  1. Go to https://cse.expertrec.com/newuser?platform=cse and signup with your Google id.
  2. Enter your website’s URL and wait for the crawl to complete.
  3. You can find the code to add here.

Adding this code snippet will add a search engine to your website. This is completely customizable without coding and you can change things like the search ranking, UI, etc.

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