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How to create a shopify sitemap for free

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In this article, we will see how to create a Shopify sitemap for free. Before you follow the steps below, make sure that your site is not password protected or under trial.

A Shopify custom search bar is a great addition if you know how to use the search bar in Shopify. The live search bar is great for your users, as they can directly click on the custom search box and type their query. For this, you must know how to get a search box in Shopify.

Our Shopify search box has the feature to exclude products from search as well, making it a smart search Shopify extension. Another smart feature is our Shopify Faceted search.

By default, Shopify creates a sitemap. To access your Shopify sitemap, go to yourdomain.com/sitemap.xml. For example, if your site’s URL is https://hauslondon.com/, your sitemap can be found at https://hauslondon.com/sitemap.xml.



When you open the sitemap page, you can see three sub-sitemaps

  1. Product sitemap.
  2. Collections sitemap.
  3. Blog sitemap.

The products sitemap, tells the product URL, image URL, image title, image caption, the update frequency, and the last modified date of the productsfree shopify sitemap generator

If you are not satisfied with the default sitemap created by Shopify, you can have a look at the following free sitemap creators.

Free Shopify sitemap creators-

  1. Xsitemapfree shopify sitemap
  2. Free sitemap generatorfree shopify sitemap

If you are looking for advanced sitemap customization options, you can have a look at the following paid sitemap generators.

  1. SEO HTML sitemap. The SEO HTML Sitemap app produces an HTML sitemap page that updates every hour as you add new products, collections, or content, ensuring that your site is 404 error-free as Customers click on your HTML sitemap links.
  2. Sitemap and Noindex manager- Sitemap & NoIndex Manager gives you complete control over NoIndex, NoFollow meta tags, and your Shopify-generated XML sitemap.shopify sitemap creatorAdd great search to your Shopify store


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