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Wordpress Live Search without Plugin

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In this article, we will see how to add a WordPress live search without any plugin. What is the live search? Live search is just a fancy name for google autocomplete like search experience on your WordPress site. Fortunately, there are many plugins that can help in adding live search to your site.

wordpress live search

How to create a Wordpress live search without plugin

  1. Go to Wordpress live search creator.
  2. Login using Google SSO.
  3. Enter your WordPress site URL.
  4. Enter your Sitemap URL.
  5. Initiate a website crawl.
  6. Add code to your wordpress website. ( you can contact your site developer to do this if you are a non coder).
  7. You can also add this code to your searchform.php file.
  8. This will add the Wordpress live search to your site.
  9. You can also have a look at this wordpress live search demo.
  10. This method also add voice search to your wordpress site.

wordpress live search

Add live search using wordpress plugins

There are many plugins that help you in adding live search. Here are a few.

WP Fastest Site Search

Expertrec’s WordPress live search plugin replaces the standard WordPress search widget and adds autocomplete, spell correct, PDF search, image search, and voice search capabilities to your WordPress site. For more information visit Expertrec.com

This custom search plugin is highly customizable and lightning fast. It also adds filters and search results pages for a better search experience to your visitors.

You can build and configure your own WordPress search user interface with no coding. Please note that this is a paid plugin (plans begin at 9$ per month) and that you may try out a free demo for a duration of 15 days.

SearchWP Live Ajax Search

SearchWP Live Ajax Search enables AJAX powered live search for your search forms. Designed to be a developer’s best friend, SearchWP Live Ajax Search aims to stay out of your way but at the same time allowing you to customize everything about it. It’s set up to work with any WordPress theme and uses a template loader to display results. The template based approach allows you to seamlessly customize your SearchWP Live Search implementation without messing with dozens of cluttered options.

Admin Live Search

Live search pages and posts in the dashboard / admin area as you type using the internal wordpress search via AJAX.

Added filter to search by title only, content only or all (default).

Date and Category filters also work without refreshing the page.

In the Page and Post list you can select to search in title only, text only or everything.

As you type in the search box the results will update accordingly withou the need to press the enter key or click the search button.

Search Live

Search Live supplies effective integrated live search facilities and advanced search features.
It provides a smooth interactive experience with immediate results for your site’s visitors,
making it easier and more efficient to find the right results.

It provides instant live search results with thumbnails where matches are found for one or multiple search keywords in titles, excerpts or content,
allows to enhance the standard search form with this functionality,
provides a flexible shortcode [search_live] that can be placed anywhere
to provide an interactive search form and a widget for use in sidebars.
The shortcode and widget can be fine-tuned with sensible options to improve the search experience for your visitors.

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