The Shopify search bar in the Header is one of the most important features. The search bar allows people to search for products within your shopify store and it helps in better product discovery and sales.

Without a search bar, any visitor who could have been a potential customer will be calculated in the bounce rate users. Well, if there is a proper search bar for your listed products to be searched, instead of simple horizontal or vertical categories, a header search bar looks promising.

Add Shopify search bar in header

Let’s look at the different methods to create your Shopify search bar. 


Using Shopify smart search bar shopify app

You can add a Shopify search bar app using Expertrec’s Shopify search app in a few clicks. You can install the app from here.

Get the Shopify Plugin Add Shopify Search Bar in Header

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 Search bar using custom search code – Expertrec

The above method will automatically add ExpertRec’s search functionality to your Shopify search bar. No extra steps are required.

If you wish to add ExpertRec’s search bar instead of using the Shopify provided search bar 

  1. Install the app
  2. Log in to your Shopify admin panel.
  3. Click > Online store >Themes > Edit code
  4. Copy-paste the <ci-search></ci-search> tag in the body section where you want the search bar to appear.
ci search

    5. This will add a search bar to your Shopify website.

Search bar using Google custom search

Google custom search is a free tool with which you can add a search bar to your Shopify store. A major drawback of this method is that it contains ads which could mean losing out hard earned site visitors to competitors.

  1. Go to
  2. Enter your website URL, give a name to your custom search engine.
  3. Click on create.
  4. Click on get code and copy the code.add shopify search bar to header
  5. Now login to your Shopify admin panel.
  6. Go to Online store > Themes > Current theme >Actions > Edit code
  7. Use the search files feature, search for theme.liquid .add shopify search bar to header
  8. Add the Google custom search code to the theme.liquid field in the <head> section.
  9. This will add a Google custom search to your Shopify store.add shopify search bar to header

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