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Google Search Console is a free application that permits you to spot, troubleshoot, and resolve any problems that Google could encounter as it crawls and makes an attempt to index your web site in search results. It also provides deep insights about the pages that are ranked well, and also show which pages Google has chosen to ignore.


Google search console

Every website owner, irrespective of the use which might be publishing content or selling products, they need to get ranked on the Search engine like Google, then through the search engine, they get leads and convert their page visitors into customers. Google Search Console does the same for you. 

"URL Not working" error message

With a well-balanced User Interface with all the Functionality, Google Search Console provides all the necessary metrics. Thought it works well but rarely when website pages are updated,  if a request made to Google to crawl that updated page, sometimes an error with ”URL not in Property” pops up. The property, in this case,  is your Main Website (let say Home Page of your site).

This error arises if you try to request for crawling a URL which does not belong to the main website which you have verified with Google. It may also be possible that you are using multiple Properties (Websites) and accidentally attempts to request for another property’s URL for crawling and indexing, in this case as well, you will get an error. So, Check the Property you are in and request for the same URL from the same property.

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