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google search console interview questions

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The ranking of a website in the search engine depends on various factors. A developer must be aware of how well a website is performing and what factors affect its ranking. To facilitate this, Google provides an online platform i.e. Google Search Console that helps analyze how good a website is doing.

google search console

Google search console is a Google tool that helps in monitoring and improving a website’s ranking in the search results page. It’s a free platform that guides the users to understand how Google spider crawls on a website. Anyone who owns a website and has a Gmail account can use the platform to analyze the indexing of his website on Google search console. One can also enhance the ranking by fixing the problems in a website using Google’s guidelines.

The Google search console tool is used to enhance the ranking of a website in the Google search results page. Developers and SEO experts can use the tool to monitor a website for free. The search console keeps a record of a website’s content and when the content the website appears to be irrelevant to it then Google notifies the user about it. This way, users are able to monitor their website’s activity and improve their performance as required.

The platform enables users to choose the content that they want the Google spider to read from their websites and index the websites based on that specific content. The search console also provides the knowledge of how to attract more or less traffic into a website in terms of content and search queries. In addition, following the guidelines of Google search console help in keeping websites free from bugs and malware.

If you are looking to make a career as an SEO expert, then you must know how to use Google search console perfectly. Also, check out these Google search console interview questions to crack interviews and grab a job.

SEO professionals who are looking for change must be aware of the Google search console interview questions. Along with other skill sets, the most commonly asked Google search console interview questions include:

  •         What is Google Search Console?
  •         How familiar are you with the Google Search Console platform?  
  •         How does Google Analytics help in analysing the ranking of a website?
  •         What is the function of Google Tag Manager?
  •         How does Google Penguin help manage a spammy website?
  •         How does Google Hummingbird work?

 Google Search Console Webmaster ToolsBe familiar with these questions before heading on towards attending an interview for an SEO expert or Google search console support role.









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